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Chinese Relaxing Massage.

Chinese oil massage is a health massage based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine . Its strong penetrating power can relax muscles, relieve fatigue and regulate body functions

With this technique, deep areas where there are knots are treated, which are undone with the fingertips using circular vibrating movements, avoiding linear pressure . It has the effect of improving the body’s immunity, dredging the yin and yang meridian balance, and prolonging the quality of life.

 Traditional Chinese Massage.

Chinese massage is performed with the aim of freely circulating energy (Qi) through the system of meridians that run through and irrigate the body

The main objective is to eliminate stress and allow the patient to regain vitality and peace of mind. 

In China, this type of  massage  is performed on numerous occasions and is recommended for the treatment of more than 50 diseases. 

Millenial Tradition  Massage

Massages are probably the oldest therapeutic tool that humans used as a natural resource against pain. Since time immemorial, studies have been done on the benefits of relaxing massages

Seville Massage

Chinese Relaxing Massage

This ancient technique, applied with the wisdom and delicacy of oriental cultures, manages to relax the muscles and stimulate the entire body to reach a state of integral harmony


Masaje Oriental 1 Hora

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For those who want to extend their massage session, Nelumbo Massage offers you the session you need for only €75

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Benefits Chinese Massages

It is effective in treating bone and muscle obstructions such as low back pain, tendinitis, torticollis and other joint stiffness. And, like many other massages, Chinese massage allows you to adjust and improve circulatory problems

This therapeutic technique, together with  acupunctureQi Gongdiet  and  phytotherapy , forms the five fundamental pillars on which Traditional Chinese Medicine is based.

Centro de Masajes Sevilla

Chinese Relaxing Massage in Seville.

From Southeast Asia, where we find countries such as China, Thailand or Indonesia, they have a great tradition in massage techniques. The variety is very wide, and at Masajes Nelumbo, you can find the oriental massage that best suits your needs that take into account Ayurvedic philosophy

Beneficios de nuestros masajes

  1. Helps improve emotional balance
  2. Improves concentration
  3. Calm and relax the mind
  4. Improves mental clarity
  5. Reduces and relieves stress
  6. Helps develop inner energy
  7. Develop self-control and discipline
  8. Improves health and vitality
  9. Increases energy level
  10. Increase self-confidence.

Nelumbo Massage. Traditional Chinese Massages in Seville.

Let yourself be taken care of.

Tuina  or Chinese massage,  is one of the oldest therapies of humanity, dating back to 1700 BC. of n. was. He is the father of the most modern forms of body therapy in Asia, being the source of many of the massages known today. The name Tuina first appeared in the  Ming dynasty , replacing the previous term  Anmo

The Tuina style   practiced today in China is closer to the work of chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists than to massage therapists